Perfect Chronograph—A Brief Review on Rolex Daytona

Approximate 50 years has passed after Rolex launched Rolex Daytona in 1963, and after years of testing by public, although it is not as famous as others, it has a pretty good performance among other watches. And today we will take Rolex Daytona Black Dial with official NO:116520 as an example. In 1963, Rolex rolled out its first generation chronograph for car race—Rolex Cosmograph, which was corresponding to its appearance and suddenly hit the market and became outstanding among others. The dial of this chronograph has colors that would give you strong visual contrast and become more arresting. Tachometer was moved to the outside of the bezel and squeezed more space for the dial. Considering the application, the reading is clear to be seen, which, back then, a great challenge was.

In 1965, Daytona kept changes and has a screw-in chronograph button. Screw-in chronograph button made the oyster watch case perfect because it can protect the button from accidentally push. To highlight the water resist, a word, Cosmograph, is branded on the oyster. What’s more, tachometer has a black Plexiglas resin coat and the white reading makes it clearer. Cosmograph Daytona, rolled out in 2000, not only inherited excellent features in the first Cosmograph watches, it also led the feature of chronograph. With the advanced technology, unusual tradition and sport spirit, Oyster Cosmograph Daytona become the class among watches. The red Daytona word, is known as a trail in America. Once you start stop or reset the watch, it will give off a crisp sound. To make it precise, designers improvise the pushing system.  

Daytona is the best chronograph in the car race because simple but high-efficient technology are applied to it. besides, it can also serve as a diver watch, because it reaches 100 meters’ depth. An automatic movement, Cal.4130, is applied to it, and this is a solid and precise movement, thus its performance would still fine even though it works for a long time. Rolex Daytona works precisely and reads clearly and also solid and water resist .

All in all, the four brief words “Superlative ChronometerOfficiall Certified”, which successfully passed 15 severe tests from COSC, an intermediate organization. 

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