Quintessence of elegance—Latest Rolex Cellini

Speaking of Rolex, what comes to your mind might be the solidness, precision, but nothing connected to the elegance. How to connect Rolex with elegance? Particularly the big Crown will gives us an overwhelming feeling. Although Rolex has a mild Cellini, but that still could not change people’s impression on it, but since the three Cellini have their debuts in 2014, the impression are completely changed. Rolex could be so graceful.

Cellini series was inspired by a prestigious artist in the Renaissance, so this Cellini series means returning to the origin and replay the quintessence of the class through modern ways. Therefore, Cellini series has Rolex traditions and feature, and would make you remind of contemporary architecture with simple layout and perfect matching of space and shadow. The new Cellini get rid of restrictions exerted from convention and embodies the.

Benvenuto Cellini was the only artist that attempted to recover the heroism in the sculpture. On his late time, he was ignored by the royalty, so it switched its focus on the literature and theory. He was pretty disappointed, which were reflected in his works. 

There are 12 Rolex Cellini and four are TIME types, four are Cellini Date, four are DUALTIME types. What we need to mention is that the Rolex Cellini series share the same materials with Datejust, namely the precious metal. As there are no stainless steel edition so the price of Cellini might not be so agreeable.

Rolex Cellini DUAL TIME has standard dual time zones, and at the second zone, there has sun and moon indicator. The dial has rayon flame de la gloire radiation pattern, so the whole watch looks concinnity. With the graceful lines, precious materials and luxurious ornamentation, every details strictly satisfy the rules of watch-making techniques. This is the first suite watches and 39 mm’s bezel perfectly matches the suite.

In addition to the black dial, there are also silver dial and 18 k golden one available. This year, Rolex Cellini has great changes on the appearances. The first one is the day and night display and the second one is the dial. Double bezels can be regarded as the third difference. Such a design is rare to be seen on Rolex. We all know that Rolex is precise and solid. Although such quality can only be found on sport watches, we have reason to believe that along with the elegance at the same time, it keeps the solid quality.

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