Rolex Novelties Exhibition 2014 in Shanghai

I have attended the exhibition in the past years, so I get quite familiar with everything here. After Colleagues from Rolex talked about the novelties in 2014, and will be fully presented to public in the exhibition, I am glad to take pictures and shared something with everybody.

Blue Dial milgauss

Blue dial and green mirror, including those exhibited in the windows, might gave people a huge shock because of the combination of colors. People were wondering what effects it may cause, but basically, people were not shocked by it; instead, they were interest in such a combination.


Rolex’s changes on the color really make people struggling with color harder to make a choice. Actually, is is easier. The last year is a steel edition and now it is a white gold edition. It would be much better if the price has less difference (LOL). Why does the latter use white gold as materials? First, I think, is that the blue-red bezel is more classic. Second, the blue-red ceramics requires much more techniques than the steel edition, so only the white gold can better reflects its value.


Simply speaking, the colors are limited on the ceramic material because of the processing techniques. Generally, colors come from the mineral pigments and those mineral pigments have to resist high temperature which makes ceramics more tight and hard. But the problem is that the red mineral pigments is unstable, so it is impossible to make such a component. Even facing difficulties, Rolex tries it best and find a way to achieve red color on the ceramics. So this is a great big breakthrough.

Sea-Dweller 4000

Sea-Dweller 4000 in 204 will become hot in coming years because it successfully occupy some market that were used to be taken up by Submariner and Deep Sea. It is lighter than Deep Sea, 40 mm bezel is suitable for a majority of people. It reaches deeper than submariner. 1220 meters; depth can better explain its crown as a king of diver watches. what’s more, some consumer who do not like bubble nor calendar will fond of it. Anyway, a good diver watch.

A Brand-new Cellini

Here come the point. Rolex breaks the tradition and has three different Cellini, I mean, completely different from inside to outside. The new Cellini extends its bezel to 39 mm, a standard size for men; the first watch that has three hands to replace the two hands. Classic enough! The movement can display daytime and nighttime, which is impossible to think about. The movement has switched from manual winding to automatic winding. A great change.

All in all, novelties in this year becomes much better than the last year, and some of them become cult items in the market. So if you like any of them, picking one before the price soars up.

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