Symbol of nobility—Rolex Day-Date

Rolex Day-Date inherits completely the tradition of Rolex Date-Just and luxury materials is applied to the case, which heightens the statue. Now it is self-evident that how luxurious it is since the Rolex Day-Date is made of precious metal. Today, we mainly focus on a Rolex Day-Date II with official number: 218238.

Since it’s born, Rolex Day-Date has been popular among celebrities. Rolex Day-Date II has a big case which reaches 41 mm and is an improvised edition of Rolex Day-Date. It is made of platinum and gold, so it is destined to be the choice for successfully people.

The Rolex Day-Date II, which had its first debut in 2008, is only made of precious metal, and had all Rolex traditional fine features and quality. It is designed for those who really appreciate it and who really enjoy appreciating it. Rolex Day-Date II also symbols the grace. The Oyster case can reach 100 meters in terms of water resist. The case made of 18 k gold, matches it blue blood feature.

Rolex Day-Date II is fitted with a beautiful bracelet and a hidden crown buckle. This three knots buckle really match wrist and wears comfortable. 18k gold and high corrosion-resist metal make the best quality and attribute and they are also the first choice for such a grand watch.

In addition to a small aperture, Rolex Day-Date II has arc aperture which can display the date. Every zero hour in the middle night, the date and week will change simultaneously, great mechanical skills are displayed through this little system. The double-clasp is applied to the bracelet so that it tightens case. Sapphire mirror is employed on to offer a better anti-scratch performance and also prevent it from water, dust, pressure and collision.

The watch has Rolex home-made automatic winding movement—3156 automatic movement. 3156 movement gets certificate from COSC. Similar to all the Oyster movements, the structure of 3156 movement guarantee a good performance. The balance components is the heart of the movement, and in collaboration with balance wheel, the oscillating frequency can be calibrated through the MICROOSTELLA.

Rolex keeps a tight relations with leaders and successful men in the world, and only those who has strength or who really enjoy it, would love to pay for it. Although it seems to be high in price, but considering its quality and other excellent attributes, it worth.

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